Monday, April 20, 2009

New Genres- Cellphone Piece

This piece was made for my New Genres class. The assignment was to create a piece using a cellphone. I don't own a cellphone. I considered using a friend's phone, but I never felt very satisfied with the ideas I came up with.
I decided to draw the piece out as commentary on the ubiquity of cellphones today. (I read somewhere that in 1989 there were only a couple of wireless networks in a few of the world's major cities. Twenty years later the only place a cellphone would have no reception at all would probably be the Himalayan Mountains.)
I chose a wedding because I felt it would be one of the situations with which to convey the message most easily. If you find it humorous in any way, that's just a bonus.

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  1. and mount kilamajaro. or most mountains for that matter...